What We Do


Before progress there is access. Service Stream manages all the legal and logistical aspects of local site access involved in the roll-out, maintenance and servicing of essential networks.

We arrange everything, including site visits for mobile phone tower maintenance, property rights to install high-speed fibre-optic cables, and appointment times for new equipment installations.


Service Stream’s design specialists undertake the overall structural design of new fixed line communications networks, as well as detailed design for individual user connections.

We also manage and deliver design for all aspects of mobile phone tower infrastructure, such as tower bases and pylons, existing structural reinforcements, and equipment fixtures.


Right across the country, Service Stream’s highly experienced project engineers work with local site supervisors and qualified contractors to build fixed line and mobile communications networks.

Our construction services range from laying and connecting fibre-optic cables, to building new mobile phone towers and other wireless network infrastructure.


Essential network installations are many and varied, and Service Stream’s project managers engage local contractors to do the lot.

Typical installations include new transmission equipment on mobile towers, new household and business broadband connections, new or replacement electricity smart meters, solar energy panels, and energy-saving devices.


Service Stream’s contract managers provide ongoing services to support essential network operation. Our expertise covers handling customer inquiries and fault management, arranging for emergency response and repairs by local contractors, as well as reading millions of gas and water meters every year.