Service Stream’s technical people are some of the best in the country. They design the essential networks we build and develop the information and project management systems we rely on to get them built and keep them running.

Team members are highly specialised in their own specific areas of expertise. And their combined capability is second-to-none when it comes to delivering efficient and practical service solutions for essential networks.

One of the unique strengths of our technical people is their practical know-how, gained by working closely with the project managers and field supervisors who implement their solutions. This practical feedback, combined with first-hand experience of Australia’s myriad local field conditions, ensures that we deliver technical solutions designed to cope with any local challenge.


Our design engineers are experts in the truest sense. They handle everything from overall design of substantial network systems, to detailed design specifications for individual equipment installations. And they combine great ideas with detailed understanding of Australia’s essential infrastructure networks to ensure the application of intelligent design solutions across all types of projects. In short, they represent the perfect blend of experience, knowledge and creativity.

Equipped with the latest design tools and systems, the design team is also required to keep abreast of the very latest in network technology developments. Hands-on experience with the roll-out of new networks places them at the forefront of our industry in terms of practical qualifications and experience.

Project Engineers

Managing and coordinating our multitude of project site activities is no small task. But our project engineers are up to it, ensuring business and project objectives are met across all the networks we serve.

Hands-on experience has equipped them with unrivalled know-how when it comes to managing all the complex issues that arise in real world. They provide a crucial link between technical people and field people to ensure that we continually improve and adapt our project management systems and management protocols. The result—better quality and efficiency for every new project.

Information Management

Clever information management is vital to the delivery of large scale, highly repetitive network service contracts. So our IT people are among the best, responsible for building and developing the in-house systems that use the latest technology and integrate seamlessly with our clients’ systems.

Service Stream’s IT people not only build proprietary systems, they can also adapt off-the-shelf systems to ensure that each project team is equipped with the best solution for managing their job efficiently and effectively.

The IT team is also responsible for collecting, maintaining and providing access to an extensive database of information about local operating conditions, enabling our designers to deliver fully optimised solutions at the local level