Lean, hands-on and can-do. That sums up Service Stream’s management team. A group of people whose experience with essential network service delivery and support is second to none.

Whether managing contracts, field teams, service delivery support, or corporate operations, each team manager is focussed on doing whatever it takes to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, to deliver affordable, quality outcomes for our clients.

Contract and Project Managers

Service Stream employs experienced, professional managers to oversee delivery of some of Australia’s largest and most challenging essential network contracts. From end-to-end delivery of services required for the roll-out of Australia’s growing digital and fixed line networks through to the maintenance and servicing of water, gas and electricity networks, our Contract and Project Managers provide our technical and field teams with strong support, direction and leadership.

Service Support Managers

Each contract and project team is supported by a core set of services including IT, Human Resources and Customer Care. Service Support Managers are charged with adapting their specialist teams’ skills and resources to ensure consistent and high quality operation of the processes that underpin service delivery on the ground. They also play a crucial role in enabling more efficient and effective service delivery through the refinement and enhancement of fundamental work processes and protocols.

Corporate Managers

As a listed public company, Service Stream relies on its Corporate Managers to plan and manage the organisation’s growth and governance. They take responsibility for negotiating legal arrangements and ensuring that financial resources are adequate to the needs of contract delivery.