Corporate Support

Tackling the big network jobs

Network Service Support Specialists

Specialist support is fundamental to every Service Stream project. We have dedicated specialists to optimise team structure, find and train the right people, engage with network end users and manage information efficiently and effectively.

Team resources

Having the right people ensures that the job is done right. For each big new contract, Service Stream group’s strategy and growth specialists shape the project team using the ideal people and resources from across our three core divisions.

People and training

With over 2,200 employees and 3,000 sub-contractors delivering Service Stream’s ongoing contracts, we know what it takes to hire and train suitably qualified personnel.

Customer care

We deal with people as well as we deal with networks. Whether managing in-bound calls about network issues or outbound calls about services, our Customer Care team provides vital support across a wide range of key contracts.


The capture, storage, retrieval and reporting of information is crucial to every project we undertake. Upgrade of core service support platforms and development of major project specific information solutions are vital parts of our unique networks.