COVID-19 Update


Update on Business Preparedness & Response to COVID-19

Service Stream's Executive Response Team continue to monitor, review and manage our response to the evolving situation with COVID-19. We take our response to unfolding situation seriously and in line with advice from Federal and State Governments, continue to assess the appropriateness of our current actions and future plans to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, contractors, customers and the community at this time.

As an essential network services provider across utility and telecommunication infrastructure, Service Stream is often responding to and working through challenging situations. The business is prepared and benefiting from having advanced BCP and preparedness planning embedded into our operations which has been rigorously tested over many years, continually reviewed and adjusted as required.

Business Protocols

Through our dedicated Executive Response Team, we have a number of important measures already in place across our business, including:

Continuity of work programs

At this challenging time, it’s critical for all organisations to continue supporting their workforce and providing as much certainty as possible in relation to programs of work to provide confidence on employment continuity.

Continuity of work from our clients is therefore critical as we continue to move forward in this current environment. Service Stream’s senior managers are closely engaging with all clients to assess the continuation of current and planned programs of work so we can in turn continue to engage our 5,000+ strong workforce and provide staff and contractors with certainty over the continuity of work.  

Service Stream continues to monitor the unfolding situation and work through contingency plans, to ensure that we continue to deliver for our clients safely, and in-line with our high standards. 


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