Australia’s electricity networks are as complex as they are crucial, responsible for delivering power to over 10 million electricity connections nationally. There are 260 registered generators, six state-based transmission networks, and 13 major distribution networks that collectively supply electricity to end-use customers. There are also now hundreds of retailers that sell electricity and bill customers for usage. These networks span a vast geographical coverage of 894,441 circuit kilometres.

Electricity distributors own and maintain the poles and wires—the means of transporting electricity to consumers—as well as the electricity meters that measure usage. These distributors install meters at premises and collect meter information to provide to the electricity retailers. The retailers use this information to issue power bills. Retailers also offer new products and services which allow consumers to be more energy efficient.

Needless to say, this is all a critical undertaking. Which is why energy distributors rely on Service Stream’s services. We provide services such as installation of in-home displays, smart meters, and solar PV systems on roofs, as well as reporting and managing service faults and minor customer service issues.

In April 2017, Service Stream acquired TechSafethe largest independent electrical inspection company in Australia. Our service offering has grown to include specialist technical advice, independent inspections, auditing and testing services across the electricity industry for network distributors, industry regulators and Government authorities.

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Notice to Ergon Energy customers:

Service Stream manages Meter Reading Services on behalf of Ergon Energy’s Southern Region in Queensland.

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