Mobile Communications

Australia’s mobile communications networks depend on hundreds of mobile phone towers and thousands of digital broadcast sites to provide wireless communication coverage to 98% of the population. As we increasingly come to rely on mobile phone and broadband coverage wherever and whenever we go, effectively upgrading and maintaining these networks is crucial to our day-to-day lives.

To deploy and maintain this vital infrastructure, network owners and operators increasingly outsource network lifecycle management to highly skilled and experienced specialists like Service Stream. We manage everything from site acquisition, to planning and design, to ongoing support and maintenance.

Fixed Communications

Fixed communications networks made up of copper wire and fibre-optic cables transmit voice and data to millions of users across Australia. They range from the very latest fibre-optic high-speed transmission backhaul networks, to local fibre-optic and DSL broadband data access networks, to the original copper wire telephone networks still used by millions of households and businesses.

Fixed communications network owners and operators are increasingly reliant on specialists such as Service Stream for the design, construction, maintenance and management of this nationally vital infrastructure.